GKS 2023: Global Korea Scholarship For Exchange Students

GKS 2023: Global Korea Scholarship For Exchange Students
GKS 2023: Global Korea Scholarship For Exchange Students

Go to South Korea to continue your studies. happy news For exchange students, the Global Korea Scholarship is now available. We will go into great detail regarding the GKS Scholarship in this article, along with its advantages and step-by-step instructions for applying.

The Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) is an exchange student scholarship that is entirely sponsored. For the academic year 2023–2024, this grant is available for master’s and undergraduate study. The scholarship includes travel, medical insurance, a settlement money, and living expenses.

Students get a one-of-a-kind chance to experience academic life at Seoul National University, the most prominent university in Korea and one of the top universities in the world, thanks to SNU ISI. Students can acquire in-depth information about Korea and East Asia as well as a variety of topics from the fields of economics and business management to history, politics, sociology, and the arts in SNU ISIs, which are taught by esteemed SNU and visiting faculty members.

More than 2000 students from all over the world have taken part in the SNU ISI program since its founding in 2007 to learn, explore, and enjoy an extraordinary summer of academics, activities, and lifelong connections.


The goal is to increase the worldwide competitiveness of Korean institutions and to give exchange students relevant experiences related to Korean culture and education.

Detailed Summary of the scholarship

  • Undergraduate and graduate institutions that are partners with SNUs
  • Education in South Korea
  • Program Period: 4 months or 10 months (depending on the length of the student’s exchange).
  • September or February deadline (Annually)

Courses Provided by The University

  • University of the Arts
  • English, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish are just a few examples of the languages and literature that are included.
  • Russian literature and language Hispanic literature and language
  • Linguistics
  • Languages and Civilizations of Asia
  • History of Asia in Korea
  • European History
  • History of Art and Archaeology
  • Studies in philosophy and religion
  • Aesthetics
  • Social Sciences College
  • Global politics and political science
  • Economics Sociology Anthropology Political Science International Relations Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Geography
  • Communication on Social Welfare
  • Natural Sciences College
  • Sciences of mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Astrophysics and Physics
  • Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Chemistry
  • Natural Sciences
  • Environmental and Earth Sciences
  • Agriculture and Life Sciences College
  • Forest Sciences Plant Sciences
  • Animal and food biotechnology
  • Applied Chemistry and Biology
  • Systematics and Biomaterials Engineering and Science
  • Rural system engineering and landscape architecture
  • Rural Development and Agricultural Economics
  • Business Administration College
  • Business Management

Faculty of Education

  • Education Social Studies
  • English Education
  • German Education
  • French Education
  • Korean Education
  • History
  • geography
  • ethics
  • mathematics
  • physics
  • chemistry
  • and biology are all subjects in education. Earth science education is combined with physical education.

University of Engineering

  • Environmental and Civil Engineering
  • Materials for mechanical and aerospace engineering Engineering and Science
  • Engineering in Electrical and Computer
  • Computer Engineering and Science
  • Engineering involving chemicals and biology
  • Architectural Engineering and Architecture
  • Engineering for Energy and Resources in Industry
  • Atomic Engineering
  • Ocean engineering and naval architecture

University of the Arts

  • Paintings and sculptures in the Oriental style
  • Liberal Studies College
  • General Education
  • Human Ecology College
  • Child and Consumer Studies
  • Merchandising, textiles, food & nutrition, and fashion design
  • School of Music
  • Music composition for voice
  • Instrumental Korean Music Piano Wind String

University of Nursing

  • Nursing
  • University of Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Veterinary Medical College
  • Veterinary Medicine, Initial
  • veterinarian science

Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Programs

  • Applied Computing Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental Management in the World
  • Studies of culture and information
  • Comparative Studies in Media Art Technology Management for East Asian Humanities


  • Students who are pursuing a business or economics major at their home university are not eligible to enroll in the College of Business Administration.
  • The KOREAN HISTORY/ PSYCHOLOGY/ STATISTICS MAJOR requires applicants to demonstrate their proficiency in Korean. Either Level 5 or higher on the official Korean Language Proficiency Test or Level 5 or higher on the Korean Test administered by the SNU Language Institute constitute adequate levels of Korean language proficiency. In the spring of 2018, undergraduate students will NOT be admitted to the College of Law.
  • From Fall 2018, undergrads will be able to enroll in School of Legal, a specialized law school for graduate-level students. Please be aware that during their studies, these undergraduate students will be enrolled in SNU’s law school as graduate (Master’s) students.
  • The eligibility for applicants who intend to study in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, music, and MBA must be confirmed in advance by SNU coordinators.
  • Exchange students can no longer enroll in COLLEGE OF MEDICINE.
  • Students who are presently enrolled in vocal music at their native university are only eligible for the VOCAL MUSIC MAJOR.

The following advantages are offered to recipients of GKS Scholarships:

  • Monthly living expenses: 500,000 won.
  • Allowance for settlement: 200,000 won at check-in.
  • Round-trip Airfare: Amounts up to the predetermined limit are reimbursable.
  • Medical Insurance: Monthly 20,000 won (paid by each university).

GKS Eligibility Requirements

Candidates for the GKS Scholarship must meet all of the criteria listed below:

  • English is a required language.
  • All nations in the world are eligible.
  • The second semester of the home university program, or having finished at least one semester prior to applying, is the minimum enrollment requirement for applicants.
  • Thus, graduate students who are enrolled in the first semester of the Master’s degree at the time of application are ineligible for admission.
  • The applicants must achieve the required GPA. (from the admittance for Fall 2020)
    GPA of 2.5/4.0 (equal to 2.7/4.3) or percentile score of 83 for undergraduates
    GPA of 3.0/4.0 (equal to 3.3/4.3) or percentile score of 89 for masters

How Do You Apply For The Global Korea Scholarship?

To apply for this scholarship, please follow the application steps below.

  • Application materials and a valid nomination letter for the GKS scholarship must be supplied by the universities that nominated the applicants by email.
  • The chosen SNU coordinator will provide the nominated students with comprehensive instructions on how to log in and submit an online application.

Fill out the online application form for the exchange program, upload the scanned copies of the following documents to the application system, and submit the application:

  • a copy of your present university’s Certificate of Enrollment
  • Official transcript from the college.
  • recommendation letter from a professor at the current college.
  • Indication of purpose (a free essay in English or Korean).
  • a passport photocopy of the applicant.

For those applying in the fine arts, music, and physical education:

  • recordings of performances and images of the works
  • Click here for additional details about the exchange program.
  • Send in your application.
    Important information
  • Candidates for the exchange program can submit their application online.
  • All paperwork must be filed and posted in either the original language (Korean or English) or a verified official copy. Please have your documents translated into Korean or English and confirmed and sealed by an authorized organization if they are not already in those languages.

Official Website

Visit the official website for the Global Korea Scholarship to learn more:



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